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Parkin said there are inexpensive phone apps and hidden camera detectors that look for a reflection of a lens in the room — such as in a clock or smoke detector.READ MORE: Internet-connected toys are cool, but not worth the risk to your child’s privacy, experts say It may seem a bit obvious but always do your research before you book a room with Airbnb."If someone takes your picture in a public space, and there's no sexual intent, and there's no threat, there isn't really a criminal offence that's been committed," Loizides said."Simply taking a picture of somebody, whether you're in the background or not, you can't force that person to delete the picture.X Although Airbnb said it’s “incredibly rare” to find a hidden camera in a room, you may want to double check for peace of mind.Here some tips on how to protect yourself from hidden cameras.

"I don't think people understand how far reaching this is. "It's been reported to the police, to Facebook."There's a racial slur and accusations of things that aren't true. "Honestly, it's really hard to put into words how I feel. I almost felt like I was going to throw up." Brandon Fanson was also featured in one of the photos, along with his wife and two-year-old daughter.The things that are being said about people are completely untrue. The photo had been taken in a Walmart parking lot more than a month ago, but was posted more recently.CBC News tried to contact him but had not heard back at the time of publication.(Facebook.com)People featured on the Facebook page — and others on a corresponding You Tube channel — were alerted by others who saw the page shared on local public groups. It's my family," said Alexis Paterson, whose family member was featured in a photo outside of a London farmers' market.Police in a Massachusetts town are showing residents how not to transport their Christmas trees.

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