How to go from dating to friendship


She had grown up with friends she had met in grade school.Now that they were in high school, she found that her friends had very different values.We could call this gradual withdrawal or widening your circle of friends.In other cases you may need to completely sever your contact.

Before we consider how to end a friendship, it is important to note two situations in which we shouldn’t end a friendship.If you find that your friends are a bad influence, you may need to consider ending those relationships.I know a young woman who had to make such a decision.One way to do this is to tell the person that we wish him or her well but want to spend more time with other friends.In ending a relationship, there really isn’t a need to get angry, confront or tell someone off.And then there is the situation I mentioned earlier when a guy and girl break up because one is no longer interested in the other.

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