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Note: To access a provider, your application usually has to request specific permissions in its manifest file.This development pattern is described in more detail in the section Content Provider Permissions.This allows the UI to continue to be available to the user while the query is running.

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Also, the lines of code are snippets only; they don't show a complete application.In the preceding lines of code, the constant (the scheme) is always present, and identifies this as a content URI.Many providers allow you to access a single row in a table by appending an ID value to the end of the URI.When you specify this element in your manifest, you are in effect "requesting" this permission for your application.When users install your application, they implicitly grant this request.This first snippet defines some variables for accessing the User Dictionary Provider: // A "projection" defines the columns that will be returned for each row String[] m Projection = ; // Defines a string to contain the selection clause String m Selection Clause = null; // Initializes an array to contain selection arguments String[] m Selection Args = ; , using the User Dictionary Provider as an example.

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