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I went to his house in the afternoon and didn't go home until the morning."Police Chief Priyanto said he believed there could be more victims."There are 16 alleged victims of Robert Ellis, but the real number is more than that," he said."The investigation process is still going on.

We will try to look for the link, whether this is part of an international syndicate or he's just solo."Lu Anggraeni, from Lentera Anak Bali, an NGO that helped uncover the alleged abuse, said she believed Ellis's history in Bali dated back to 2010, although the allegations against him arose over two years from 2014.

On Thursday, the country’s constitutional court narrowly defeated a petition that would have banned gay and extramarital sex in a win for LGBT rights, Voice of America reports.

Five voted against the petition, which was presented to the court by the so-called Family Love Alliance in March of last year, and four voted for it.

The list, leaked to the ABC, shows the Australians' names, passport and flight numbers and date of travel to Indonesia.

Bali's police chief, Inspector General Sugeng Priyanto, has described paedophilia on the holiday island as an "iceberg" phenomenon: some offenders appear on the surface, but the real number is much larger."These paedophilia cases have to be stopped.

One of his alleged victims, known as Sekar, works at a local food market but barely makes enough to survive.

Despite the win, activists worry that the country’s parliament could still vote for similar legislation and human rights concerns remain as the country continues to crack down on the LGBTQ community through raids and rhetoric, according to the VOA report.

Take Action: Help Spread Love Over Bias“I am relieved and feel so happy,” Lini Zurlia, a gay rights activist in Jakarta told VOA after the vote.

They were turned away at airport borders as part of an arrangement between Indonesian and Australian authorities.

Under the agreement, Australian immigration officers and the Australian Federal Police alert Indonesia when a convicted paedophile is travelling to their jurisdiction.

Read More: These 6 Countries Execute People for Being Gay Human Rights Watch has called on Indonesia to “make and enforce public pledges to protect all Indonesians from violence and discrimination.” Embed from Getty Images Global Citizen campaigns on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, including goal number 10, reduced inequalities, which calls for the “social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.” You can join us and take action on this issue here.

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