Intimidating shout focus


If you have found our guide helpful, please check out the rest of Aura Kingdom guides that we have written. Guardian Stats Build Guardian Gears Guardian Secret Stone Selections Guardian Skills Guardian ’s Skill Mastery Guardian Envoy’s Path Secondary Class Choices As a guardian, you want to continuously casting skills that generate malice which pull the mobs towards you.Thus your primary focus in stats is SPD which keeps your cooldown timer low.At highest dungeons (Sky Tower or Otherworld Hell at the time of writing) where bosses can hit for 50~60k crit damage, getting hit twice in a row may kill you.However, with EVA added to the mix, you can stay alive if EVA procs and one of the hit misses.Do not even bother using EVA at all at earlier levels before you start to hit the content caps.

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In general, we do not recommend ticking any critical stats in your stats build simply because your primary goal as a tank is not to dish out DPS.We will discuss each of the stats in detail and give general directions to help you determine the best way to place your defensive stats.The most important defense stat as a Guardian is Defense. Capped Defense or 65% Defense You will need to have 65%~75% capped defense throughout your game play.You should NEVER have excess HP or EVA without the back up of your defense.Without proper def, you will be taking damage and dying left and right.You will have a decent HP pool that most of the bosses should not one shot you.

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