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Johnson's movie split fans right down the middle, with many singing its praises as bold and wonderful, while others felt it strayed too far from the norms established by earlier installments.Whichever side of the fence you fall on though, the home video release looks to serve you well, with a host of features (including a movie-length documentary in which the director explains all his controversial choices), alongside a whopping 14 deleted scenes. While the idea of meeting up with a famous guy or girl and falling in love may seem totally out of reach, there are tons of celebrities who are in relationships with people who are "normal" and not famous starlets, actresses, or models. Even though Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship is frequently front-page news, a bunch of your favorite stars are now in relationships with guys and girls who are not in the entertainment industry.Emily Osment's boyfriend is Jim Gilbert and he's so not in showbiz. Olivia Holt actually met her boyfriend, Ray Kearin, at a BBQ through some mutual friends.The streets are feeling a sickness in the pits of their collective stomachs.The highly successful cult favorite, "Money and Violence" apparently lost one of their main and most loved characters today.Ray was engaged to the late Anna Loring, and later dated Felicity Smoak, a clandestine member of Team Arrow, although their relationship did not last.Having designed a powerful exosuit, he began acting as a vigilante in Star City, calling himself The Atom.

Some of Cyrus' music also found its way on to the program as well, including tracks from his 2000 album .

Even though she's dating some famous guys in the past, she couldn't be happier that she's with her BF now.

When they first started dating, she told says she loves that the fact that he's not in the acting biz.

That's the same date as the regular Blu-ray release, while those looking for a digital download of the movie will be able to get it a little earlier, on March 13, via the Movies Anywhere service.

Despite enjoying critical acclaim, The Last Jedi has been perhaps the most divisive of all the Star Wars films among fans, who were at least united in their hatred of the prequel trilogy.

The son of a politician, Cyrus started his singing career performing gospel music in a group with his father.

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