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What they discuss is a scene taken verbatim from The Exorcism of Emily Rose where she becomes totally rigid while in the bedroom.The interview with the psychologist is done poorly.Again, the scratches are done where no one would see it and be an embarrassment to the family.In addition, note that Ryan’s voiceover is not done at the same time the shot is made. In the very next shot the mother inexplicably appears in the bathroom, yet the family had been asked to vacate their home.Notice how she sells the story with the phrase “All the time.” The mom adds that there is constant mayhem within the house but during the entire four days nothing happens while the cast and crew are present.

They find a phrase scratched into the wooden floor in the closet.There's an identical shot with the father, and the scene is set exactly the same way.Both Ryan and the dad wear the same clothing from two days ago.Lara makes claims that writing and scratches appear on her skin periodically, yet none are present at the time of filming.And we’re told that about 10 days prior to their arrival there had been scratches of a pentagram on her skin, yet there are no visible signs, nor are there any photos. Ryan's talking to the mom, who’s not wearing the same outfit that she had on at .Notice how calm the dad is and how he emphasized that his daughter could be a great artist, maybe even a star.

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