Kathryn ann sackhoff dating

At the Cable TCA day in January, Sackhoff is wearing her blonde hair long and curled with more make-up than she seems to ever wear on screen.But once she talks, her demeanor exposes that same kind of Starbuck-esque straightforwardness Sackhoff carries in real life.

, Sackhoff was the tough, ass-kicking natural beauty that appealed to both men and women.The pair was a couple back in 2006 and the relationship was very much known to the media outlets and the social media.However, the date when they split up has not been much known about.Recently, she is known to be dating actor Karl Urban.This news was made public on the Schomes Know Movie show.Kathryn Ann Sackhoff, known better as Katee Sackhoff, is an actress of American nationality, known best for the portrayal of Lieutenant Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica.

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