Legal dating age in south dakota


What’s required to receive a state marriage license? The answers to these questions and more can differ depending on where you live.

Part of this involves ensuring that couples are old enough to marry.

22-22-42 Bestiality--Acts constituting--Commission a felony. 22-22-45 Threatening to commit a sexual offense--Felony.

22-22-44 Provisions of § 22-22-42 not applicable to accepted practices.

22-22-24.3 Sexual exploitation of a minor--Felonies--Assessment. 22-22-28 Sexual contact by psychotherapist--Felony. 22-22-29 Sexual penetration by psychotherapist--Felony.

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Minors between the ages of sixteen and eighteen can also marry with a parent or guardian’s written consent.

During an emergency dial 911 and when you're safe contact the South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence.

State marriage laws aim are primarily aimed at ensuring that a marriage is consensual and properly recorded for official purposes.

22-22-1.4 Exception for mitigating circumstances--Factual basis relied upon in writing. 22-22-7.2 Sexual contact with person incapable of consenting--Felony.

22-22-2 Sexual penetration defined--Acts constituting sodomy--Medical practitioners excepted. 22-22-7.3 Sexual contact with child under sixteen years of age--Violation as misdemeanor.

In these situations the offender commits statutory rape because the victim isn't legally old enough to consent to the sexual act.

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