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Michigan State found that out the hard way week two as Oregon, fueled by a deafening home field crowd, blew out the Spartans in the second half.Alabama has formed something of a dynasty in recent years, winning three championships over the span of four years.The Tigers lost four of their last five games in 2014, finishing 8-5 on the year. With Nick Marshall gone, junior quarterback Jeremy Johnson steps in to take over, and the 6-foot-5, 240-pound quarterback is creating excited whispers within the Auburn community.If Malzahn can do what he has done with the talented Johnson, and Muschamp can create unfamiliar stops on defense, Auburn is a team that can very well sneak up on everybody.

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Visiting team fans probably won’t recall the gigantic stadium or the sea of orange, but instead the continuous chanting of the Tennessee favorite “Rocky Top.” The song is played enough to drive any non-Volunteer mad and I have no doubt the visiting team’s ball players want to stay as far away from Neyland Stadium as possible.Memorial Stadium might be smaller than most, but it perfectly compensates with crowd noise.When the Tigers charge down the hill touching Howard’s Rock, the fireworks go off, the balloons go up, and the fans lose their minds.The fans at College Station consistently show up to support their team and they will be crucial in supporting the young Aggies in tough SEC West play.“The Big House” is the largest stadium in the United States and the third largest in the entire world.The travel is a headache, the away locker room is uncomfortable and the atmosphere is unfamiliar.

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