Most intimidating team names


Nothing is quite as important as having a kickass team name for kickball. Keep in mind that when picking a team name, most league rules will disallow names that reference or implicate a political agenda, issue, candidate, elected official or religion.

You will be able to get away with innuendo but any overt alcohol, drug or sexual reference will also be disallowed.

Finally, I believe that sports should be an escape and a source of entertainment, therefore team names should’t offend anyone. [button color=”blue” link=””]NFL[/button] Redskins: Obviously, this is the first thing on our list. Yes, its a mouthful, but it’s cool and still not as bad as the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cardinals: Again, what do Cardinals have to do with Arizona? There are a bunch of cool desert names to choose from but those are kind of generic and boring. If your team is going to represent your region or city, why wouldn’t you want a name that depicts some aspect of the character of that place? Fans could wave duct tape in the air after goals or something. Honorable Mentions: Panthers (I don’t know, something better than Panthers) [button color=”blue” link=””]MLB[/button] Before we start we have to cover the Reds, Red Sox, and White Sox. At this point they are so old that they have developed a regional identity even if they are colors and/or articles of clothing. Indians: Almost as bad as Redskins (you’ll notice that Blackhawks and Chiefs did not make the list.

A team name shouldn’t characterize an entire group of people. Quite frankly, the fact that the Washington DC football franchise squandered the opportunity to name themselves after something to do with the nation’s capital when they moved to DC is as disappointing as their current racist name. Honestly, however, after fixing the Lakers and Clippers, I’m a little out of LA team name ideas. Ducks: ‘Ohh, I’m so scared, we’re playing the Ducks tonight, oooohhhhh.’ Boo. The reasons why I find difficult to articulate but I assure you there was some serious thought given to the issue).

Thousands of Thunder teams can be found across all sports, including hundreds of minor league soccer, football, hockey and basketball teams.

“A name can embody the character of the team and gives the group something to identify with,” says Ken Mc Donald, chief growth officer at Team Snap.

These are also used a lot in various works of fiction, one now famous example is the 'Suicide Squad'.

The last 3 name are similar to the previous 3, but are in reversed order, and use 'of'. Many words are shared with the previous 3 names, but there are plenty of differences as well.

Ever notice how some professional sports nicknames are absolutely terrible? The Pistons got it right with the car theme but the Tigers and Lions botched it. Pelicans: Actually, surprisingly, this name isn’t terrible. When you think of the Big Easy, you can’t help but think of the French Quarter and people rocking out to a saxophone outside with Mardi Gras beads and hurricanes. My friend from Utah also suggested the Utah Red Rocks and I like that too. Utah Jazz would be the most embarrassingly bad name for an NBA franchise if it wasn’t for the….. What is wrong with the people in DC that they don’t know how to capitalize on being the capital? The city’s sports teams should have coordinated red, white and blue uniforms across all sports, much the same way all the Pittsburgh teams are black and yellow.

The Braves have a long and multi-city history of being the Braves.

The Native American thing is a little played out though and we can do better.

If you are a DC team how can you not take advantage of where you are? Just because the only good hockey movie ever is about your team does not mean it has a good name. Chief Wahoo is on his way out but the name needs to go as well. For a replacement, I was trying to come up with something to do with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but nothing good stuck.

There are lots of great patriotic, government, or military themed name choices. Instead, I played off the Great Lakes thing and went with the Cleveland Tankers.

I came up with the Jets which is admittedly unoriginal and terrible but I think I’m on the right track.

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