My personal web cam

What should really happen here is for Bloomsky to set up the various combinations of units and go through the process of linking up to WU, with focus on the Webcam.

This process should be documented by Bloomsky with both text and detail bitmaps.

Installing the Webcam Setting up the Webcam Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to install and set up a webcam on your Windows or Mac computer.

For most modern webcams, you'll only need to plug the webcam into the computer to initiate the setup process.

From twitter: @Bloom Sky Support adding your device to Weather Underground?

use personal directions if you are getting a camera upload errors: I deleted my registered devices (I have a sky1 and sky2 with two different WU PWS and WU camera ).

Note: I don't have my storm yet, so don't know the status of that WU data integration. You need to register a FTP camera from the My Web Cam page on the Underground Web site, this will give you a seperate login and password for the Web Cam for the Sky2/1 and will be different to the PWS one account created.

So when you go to the to link your PWS to Weather Underground unselect the Camera option, register the PWS first with that user and password (if you have not done this already.

Maybe you just give us a URL to the latest jpg and see if that works.I have been trying to get this to work for months with both Sky1 and Sky2 and have spent more hours and day long attempt trying to get it to work then I really wanted to admit.The only thing that has come close is setting up the webcam is the URL method in lieu of FTP.Thanks Evans I had several issues and found Chrome as a browser helped resolve some of the web site issues.That said, I still can't get an answer how to get linked to WU - I have the camera ID but WU says it isn't active.When talking with WU we are seeing that they limit the amount of transmissions from an IP address, so our devices are having issues with WU in that respect.

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