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The closet is located inside the apartment's master suite which also includes a fireplace and an en-suite master bathroom with dual sinks and a freestanding cast-iron bath tub, according to the listing.

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Photos Courtesy of Waldrop Family and Ashley Sargent/Huntsville Hospital.He totally shifted my paradigm.”In envisioning their apartment, Berkus and Brent agreed that they didn’t want a sterile design showcase—they wanted a home to live in as a family.“In all of my work, I look at a house and think about the moments that will happen there, the moments we all long to create,” Brent says.Choosing where to center their new lives, they say, was easy.“We knew we wanted to have a family and that we wanted to raise our child in New York,” Berkus says.The couple also felt strongly about living in the Village, where Berkus owned a residence ( November 2012).“The day we closed on the apartment,” Brent says, “we were walking through Washington Square, and I told Nate, ‘We have to treasure this.’ For two kids from Minnesota and California to be living in this apartment on lower Fifth? I always wanted to live beautifully, and the idea of Nate and Poppy and me creating a life here together? Berkus looks at him and says, “Great design is like great love: You trust your gut.”Click here to see more of the spirited Greenwich Village home.

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