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Also among the laggards, ORM, or Object Relational Mapping, no longer attracts the fans it once did.ORM is middleware that translate database entries into objects for use in applications.The top tags include Apple's Swift programming language and Angular, a Type Script-based framework for web applications.

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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

You also have bar-girls/prostitutes but they are not too pushy.

The bars mentioned above are just OK for a few beers (or to find a girl if that's your goal), but they are not really happening.

The main attraction in Prajak Sillapacom is a beer bar complex called Nutty Park, which is similar to Day and Night.

You'll see quite a lot of old guys, especially in the restaurant/pub the Good Corner (it seems to be a hub for the expat community).

While ORM is still used, it's not as trendy as it was a few years ago. In 2006, Jeff Atwood, one of the co-founders of Stack Overflow, described ORM as "the Vietnam of Computer Science" – in the sense of a military defeat rather than, say, a trendy travel destination.

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