New updating proxy servers


We are continuing to investigate ways to improve and streamline the update experience for Nano Server.

In the meantime, we hope this information will help you keep your Nano Servers up to date and running smoothly.

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I just wanted to be sure I included all the steps Ive already done.

PASS Background Intelligent Transfer Service is running. Visit the Microsoft Update Catalog to download each of these update packages: After downloading the files from the Microsoft Update Catalog, save them to a network share or local directory such as C:\Servicing Packages.You can rename the files based on their KB number as we've done below to make them easier to identify.Im connected to the Internet via a Satellite connection, so I dont want to download all 24GB of updates again. Once all the updates are copied across, I then pointed the new server to Microsoft Update for all new synchronizations. Note: If you've created the Nano Server VHD or VHDX image using the New-Nano Server Image cmdlet and didn't specify a Max Size for the virtual hard disk file, the default size of 4GB is too small to apply the cumulative update.

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