No account text sex


Making a phone call communicates to them that you would prefer speaking over the phone instead of via text.

– Treat your private email like you would a ext message.

When I was young, I never liked when my mom and dad would close the bedroom door at night after saying goodnight.

Being all alone in a large bedroom provided the opportunity for my imagination to run wild, letting all those monsters and villains run wild in the privacy of my room.

Especially in the privacy of your bedroom with the door locked and window shades drawn?

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(Jeremiah 17:9) Too often in text messaging, particularly with the opposite sex, insignificant words are sent that are consciously and unconsciously linked to more significant emotional or sexual roots in the heart; roots that are intended to remain deeply rooted in a marriage instead outside of it.But I think the slope is too slippery to ignore; these individuals walk it like a tightrope, sometimes without even knowing it. The culprit is the heart of the person text messaging.Here’s the important thing to realize: Safeguarding your marriage against infidelity should extend beyond the bedroom.It’s understandable that you might not be legally permitted to Cc your spouse on a work email to the opposite sex, but when you are communicating from your private email with the opposite sex, copy your spouse.This provides transparency between you and your spouse and also communicates to the opposite sex your desire to keep communication public.– If you already have someone of the opposite sex’s phone number, treat it as just that: a phone number (not a text number).

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