Olsen twins who are they dating


Now, am I saying that just because MK and I have similar names it's a key factor in choosing my favorite Olsen as a child? And 98% of the time Mary-Kate was thrust into the role of the edgier tomboyish character while Ashley played the prissy girly-girl.

Spoiler Alert: MK's roles were always like a million times more interesting that Ashley's snooze-worthy performances. Of course, Ashley tried to one-up Mary-Kate by dating 59-year-old financier Richard Sachs, but they split up in March of last year.

He is forty-five years old, making him seventeen years older than Mary-Kate.

You must admit it's rather interesting to see these two young girls in their late twenties who are both dating considerably older men. The Olsen twins are fashion designers and some of the things they've been spotted wearing look like they are meant for considerably older women.

I know they started all their fashion lines together, I know that the Olsen girls both have a habit of dressing like Anna Wintour's Death Eaters these days. Sharing her history of trick-or-treating with David Letterman or something.

But ever since Mary-Kate got her hands on some red hair dye back in 2003, she made her multi-layered haute bohemian trash bag aesthetic into absolute #stylegoals.

He looked like he could be twice her age.” The new couple was also seen just days before on a romantic stroll around the Hamptons.

It has been reported that Ashley’s new beau is a major player in the art space, divorced, and lives in New York, St. When it comes to real estate, he’s a total catch in that regard.

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Might this be one of those 'twin' things like knowing when the other one is in pain or sad?

They were spotted on Sunday, however, leaving her apartment in Manhattan.

She was dressed this time like a young woman her age, wearing a collared shirt and sweater.

The fashion queen was seen at Flywheel Flatiron with new beau Richard Sachs Friday morning and she has people talking.

Let’s be honest for a second: dating isn’t all hard (sometimes). Becoming a fully functional human being and then finding another fully functional human being you actually enjoy spending time with can be tricky. Page Six reports that Olsen, 30, and Sachs, who’s in his late fifties, were spotted being super affectionate while riding next to each other in a spin class.

Ashley Olsen's boyfriend is director Bennett Miller.

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