Outlook not updating calendar exchange


To switch back to having presence controlled by Outlook, the user will have to reset their status in Communicator as shown in Figure 3.This means that if you manually change your status Communicator thinks you are in charge and will no longer automatically change your presence status. Resetting Communicator status If you have done all these things and the user’s presence still isn’t correct, it’s time to check your free/busy information between Outlook and the Exchange server.Code Two Email Signatures for Office 365 will help you implement a unified email signature look, no matter what email client is used by users. ) but it never updates, hours or even days later unless she hits the update folder button.I'm still waiting to test the cached mode setting So our users are uing OL2010 and are using exchyange Cached mode.First, you will want to verify your Outlook settings to make sure they have not changed.This will ensure that you are publishing your free/busy calendar data to the Exchange server.

Make sure that Communicator is using Outlook as the user’s personal information manager and is updating presence based on Outlook calendar information.To check this setting, you need to open your Outlook settings. To configure these settings, do the following: Figure 4 shows that Outlook will update the Exchange free/busy information every 45 minutes.This setting might be set by a group policy to a different time interval.Figure 1 illustrates the flow of information when Communicator pulls free/busy calendar information from Exchange and Outlook. How Communicator pulls free/busy information Depending on the versions of Outlook and Exchange, Communicator will use one of two different methods to pull the information.Communicator will pull 8.5 hours of user calendar information from Exchange by using one of the following: The settings used to modify the pull interval depend on your environment and are shown in Table 2.This article discusses basic and advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve these types of conflicts.

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