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The same is seen is seen on the Classic 50, even though my local tech told me that the desing of the Classic 50 has been improved to minimize the rattle from the tube.

STAY AWAY FROM PEAVEY CLASSIC 30/50 GUITAR AMP Mario The guitar player for my band used a Classic 30 for a few years without trouble, including heavy gigging.

Then tell your "guitar tech" to get into a different line of work. Let's sync up here for a sec before calling anybody an idiot.....

My amp is still under warranty and because of that I can't blame my local tech for not wanting to fix the problem in a way not "endorsed" by peavey.

One by one, remove each pedal from the signal chain and see if this alleviates the problem. If not, we need to try them without the AC adaptor.

This is easy on the EHX units, which can be battery powered.

It dien an unfourtunate death when there was a connection problem with the extension speaker shorted the output and took out the output transformer.

It is my studio amp now (as soon as I get around to replacing the damn output transformer).

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These are all pretty generic and can be applied to most guitar rigs.I think the tone and general quality of the classic 30 is outstanding. They only trouble was a tube or two becoming microphonic after a couple of years.But that's a common issue with any heavily gigged tube amplifier and re-tubing isn't really all that expensive.Remove the TC units from the signal chain for now, as they don’t accept batteries. First, make sure the reverb control is set to minimum.Load up the EHX units with 9V batteries (the inexpensive “heavy duty” ones work fine for this test) and see if the problem is resolved. You mentioned that the internal reverb doesn’t work, but there’s a chance the reverb recovery circuit could be making noise, especially if its input stage is unloaded due to an open transducer in the reverb tank output. On most amplifiers I’d simply have you remove one tube at a time.At first I thought this only occurred when the amp was on but idle, but it’s done it a few times while I was playing it. I play through five pedals (TC’s Flashback Mini and HOF Mini, and EHX’s Soul Preacher, Bad Stone, and Soul Food, in that order, and all powered by a Visual Sound 1 Spot).

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