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It is only then that the poker donkey will dig deep to gain knowledge of the game.

Whether you are playing poker online, playing a live poker tournament or playing poker in a casino watch out.

In the olden days of poker (before 1999) the bad players were called fish. The poker donkey will often be mad and sulk and blame the cards for the absolute terrible run of bad fortune.

But, like all donkeys they finally end up on the rail watching other donkeys play.

Ninety percent of them are pretty ridiculous, but every now and then I look into one and if it seems real, I make some phone calls.

Sometimes that’s as far as it gets, sometimes it goes a little farther; sometimes it goes all the way.

—M: What was the seminal moment, if there was one, where it suddenly dawned on you, “Wow, lots of people know who I am”?

I spent a lot of years in the trenches waiting for that to happen.—M: Ah, the trenches. What are your earliest memories of manhood…someone who made you think, “THAT dude is a friggin’ MAN”? Certainly Arnold in all those movies, but I still go back to Hemingway and Hunter S.

Thompson, both of whom were pretty screwed up, but were certainly more manly than me. ) Why do you think some critics hate your approach so much? I’m very open about my methods, and how I write, nobody should be surprised when they pick up one of my books.

I think people started to know who I was after The Social Network; that’s when I started to get random people coming up to me and saying hi.

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