Post college dating


The fact is, with 134 women for every 100 men, there is simply no way all the young college-grad women who wish to marry college-grad men can do so.Not unless there is a huge spike in the divorce rate.My friends and I would get asked out on dates by guys we met for 10 minutes at a bar or a party, and we’d reluctantly agree. I don’t want to commit to spending a couple hours with him.” This is an example how our college “hookup culture” is affecting how we approach post-college dating.It seems so backward to us to go on a date with someone BEFORE you sleep with you to see if you like them or not.Free dating sites like Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish are turning into the post-college equivalent of a frat party.We cast our fishing poles out blindly into a large pond and see what fish catch it.Some of us Millennials have started online dating as a way to learn how to a date and meet people outside of our social groups.In a world where many young people are online dating, the dating pool has expanded times ten.

) The writer, Alex Williams, touched on many issues that are common among us “Millennials”, such as the fact that we do not know how to date and intimate relationships are confusing to us. We all grew up learning how to communicate behind computer screens and through text messaging, and then got thrown into college where we had no curfew and unlimited alcohol.We graduated and were thrown into the “Real World” where we have to pay our own bills, act like quasi-adults, and date (???!!? It seems that our generation has a better handle on how to make a stand-out resume, interview for a great job, rent an apartment, and pay our bills than asking someone out for dinner.I remember the first year after college was a huge growing period for me, especially when it came to dating. I recall saying to some friends, “I don’t even know him!The word “date” no longer means what it used to mean when our parents and grandparents were dating.As the article so articulately stated, “hanging out” is the new dating.You fall into one of two categories: single and VERY casually “hanging out” with someone or multiple people or you’re in a relationship (which probably started as a friendship, which turned into a drunken hookup, which then turned into a sober hookup, which finally turned into dating/ relationship).

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