Radajaxmanager not updating radgrid

Also it is a large project, taking up a lot of space. Now the updated items show up in the grid after the update link is clicked. I will have to see if I can recreate it in another environment, if that is required. In case that you want to directly contact the Progress Sitefinity team use the support center.In our Google Plus group you can find more than one thousand Sitefinity developers discussing different topics.I have verified by using breakpoints that the Page_Load fires, then the Need Data Source, and the page is displayed.

I have this in a method, because I was also trying to call the Bind Web Data Grid after every insert/update/delete, by calling it in the corresponding events. In your case, you need to use Advanced databinding, i.e. Regards, Tsvetoslav the Telerik team I have removed any calls to bind the grid, except for in the Need Data Source event.You should, however, properly reference the Image Button from the code behind and handle its onclick event in order to call the __do Post Back() method (Example 7). Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected Data Table Get Data() Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Created(sender As Object, e As Grid Item Event Args) If Type Of e. Item Is IGrid Insert Item, "Perform Insert Button", "Update Button") Dim but As Image Button = Try Cast(e. protected void Rad Grid1_Item Created(object sender, Grid Item Event Args e) protected void Rad Grid1_Item Command(object sender, Grid Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Grid1_Need Data Source(object sender, Telerik. I am just experimenting and trying to make Rad Ajax work.I created two buttons and two events associated with them. I then change the value, and click the Update link.

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