Radiometric dating bill nye

Creationists begin with their conclusion—the text of Genesis is the literal history of the world—then work backward to find their justifications.It doesn’t matter if this leads to bizarre, preposterous pseudoscientific theories; logic, for creationists, can always be sacrificed on the altar of blind faith.By so doing, Nye was subsidizing the brainwashing of the children he so wants to reach. I hope that, in the future, Nye is not so emboldened by his success in this debate that he starts debating creationists.Eventually he will run into one that is not as Ham-handed as Ham, and he’ll lose badly.

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It’s simply wrong to teach creationism to children, for that is teaching them lies, and I fault Nye a bit for helping the Creation Museum raise funds by participating in this debate.What substantive issue could the two possibly debate?The answer, unsurprisingly, is absolutely none at all. Ham showdown simply illustrated why challenging creationism is so frustratingly futile.Well, I watched most of the Ham/Nye debate last night on “Is creation a viable model of origins?” I stopped watching after both rebuttals, though, as I had work to do, so I have no idea how the audience Q&A session went.NBC News science editor Alan Boyle also has a piece, “Who won Bill Nye’s big evolution faceoff?

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