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Executive producer Jeff Zucker called Lauer 'the hunk next door'.Lauer was first married to TV producer Nancy Alspaugh in 1981 but the pair divorced in 1988.Al Roker spoke of the romance between the two at the wedding.'Watching them at the table.They would be talking to somebody, and when that person would leave, the two of them were looking into each other’s eyes.Claims he stabbed colleagues in the back, had affairs with co-stars and other women and even bombshell divorce papers from his own wife, have chipped away at Lauer's carefully constructed cuddly persona as the morning man America could trust.Lauer was born in New York City and studied at Scripps College in Ohio Univerity before embarking on a television career that would take him from local network favorite to prime time star.

As a result, I’m in [New York] city three or four nights a week, and I’m home on weekends.

The documents were withdrawn by Roque and only came to light in 2014.

The couple remain married but they live 'separate' lives with Roque living with the children in the Hamptons and Lauer residing in the city throughout the week.

Bombshell divorce papers filed by Roque, who was pregnant with their third child, accused Lauer of 'controlling and cruel' behavior and valuing his work over his family.

The papers, obtained by The National Enquirer, said, 'The conduct of [Matt] so endangers the physical and mental well-being of [Annette] so as to render it unsafe and improper for plaintiff to cohabit with defendant.''The defendant has continuously and repeatedly given higher priority to …

You could see they were truly, truly happy,' Roker told People.

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