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The pre-upgrade configuration will need to be restored restored after the switch.

The worst case scenario on upgrading is a Free BSD regression that prevents the firewall from booting successfully, or no longer communicating with the network. For a full install, this means reinstalling from a CD or Memstick for the previous release.

Configurations from newer versions cannot be restored to older versions.

For Nano BSD, this can be done by switching back to the previous update slice from the GUI, console, or boot menu.

In the last 5 years, he co-authored more than 20 publications and participated in several research projects in cooperation with industrial partners such as Rolls Royce, Morgan Stanley and Capgemini.With some advance planning, the firewall can quickly be returned to the previous release.Downgrading a full installation to previous releases directly in-place is not supported.Those with a pf Sense Gold subscription may also use the Auto Config Backup package to make a manual backup noting the reason as "before upgrade".Keeping a local and remote copy of the backup is strongly advised.Nenad Tomašev obtained his Ph D degree from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana.

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