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Nonetheless, the two camps seem to agree on what policy the Fed should pursue : an expansionary one.With that in mind, let’s take a look at the minutes from this week’s meeting of the Federal Open Markets Committee.Some hospices even participate in assisting suicides where it is legal.This is also happening in Canada where lethal-injection euthanasia was recently legalized.Ponnuru and Beckworth are market monetarists who think the conventional wisdom that interest rates indicate the stance of monetary policy is wrong.What really indicates the stance of monetary policy, they say, is nominal-spending growth.

So say Ramesh Ponnuru and David Beckworth, who, in the current issue of National Review, argue that the Fed has kept money too tight throughout the economic expansion of the 2010s.

Fed governors skeptical of the Philips Curve might be more amenable to pursuing expansionary policy even if wages continue to rise.

These are encouraging signs to those who want an expansionary policy. Most FOMC members agreed that the Philips Curve is a useful concept; the talk about level targeting didn’t gain enough traction to inspire a change in policy; and the headline news from the meeting was that the Fed’s growing optimism about the economy could invite “further” interest-rate hikes.

Religious hospices have pushed back and received some exemptions from having to participate.

Now Langley Hospice — based on the philosophical precepts of the hospice movement itself.

The board of directors of Langley have pushed back.

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