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On the one hand, all the conventions are blurred today, and the girls love brave guys who are never at a loss for words. The culture of giving flowers in Russia is several hundred years old. As we said at the beginning, Russian girls love chivalrous behavior. First of all, remember that you are the one who plans the coming date. When choosing a place for a date, do not go out of your way.On the other hand, the beautiful half of humanity feels nostalgia for "the old days" when the gentlemen wrote ardent letters, sang the serenades under the balcony, and stored handkerchiefs “occasionally” dropped by their beloved ladies. Probably, the ability to combine romance and assertiveness are the main keys to the hearts of Russian girls. Russian dating culture has some characteristics, but basically, it is not much different from the relationship between the sexes in other parts of the world. There is a symbol of good intentions to another person beyond the bouquet of flowers. It's good to be an original man who can surprise women. But you need to know an attitude of another person to such things before arranging surprises.

If it does, it can lead to divorce eventually because either you or your spouse will become unhappy as this is not who you truly are. There is one more reason compatibility comes in handy in relationships.

There are some men and women who may only have a few common interests with you, but they may still show up on your compatibility chart.

When you are scrolling through different people, look for profiles that have a higher matching score or who have more similar interests with you.

It does not mean that they are not right for someone else or that they are bad people either.

It just means that they may value freedom more than commitment at this point in their life.

The main key is to find men and women who are compatible with you so you do not waste a great deal of time in a relationship that goes nowhere.

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