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I am ready to drive up your way to get this solved!!!_________________Cheers, Damian DIY WHS - 12.5TB and growing, too many gadgets to list Did you read the Media Smart Server blog today? " - Lieutenant Frank Drebin My DVD library DOES show up (under Media Center from the main menu, NOT under Videos where I expected it).

Also, are you still stuck not having your dvd library show up?I slogged around on the STV forum and came up with what you both suggested.Increasing JVM Heap size did not really seem to help with sluggish browsing of digital content as much as I had hoped.I decided to not install Sage MC and will wait for Sage MM and I am seriously thinking of getting a 2nd HD200; I think that is when JVM heap size will kick in. FIrst I updated to the latest beta firmware on the HD200 which is 20091125 0 ( ... I think the 2009120901 is the STV update, not the beta firmware.I also have not set up my HDHR on my WHS to test back Live TV playback on the HD200.Keeping the folder art resolution to a minimum was the big least I think that is the big hammer because it sped up when I replaced all of the folder art with lower res folder art.

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