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The federal government declared itself fit for the madhouse by mandating that a Chicago high school allow a full biological male into the girls’ locker room for all purposes, including nudity.This biological male, the feds determined, was different because he thinks he is a female.The Education Department gave 30 days to the officials of Township High School District 211 to reach a solution or face enforcement, which could include administrative law proceedings or a Justice Department court action. Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.The district could lose some or all of its Title IX funding. The principal objective of Title IX is to avoid the use of federal money to support sex discrimination in education programs and to provide individual citizens effective protection against those practices.It's not possible to get through life without watching a few date movies. As much as we all want to avoid that tired old cliché, it's going to happen.

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This feature was originally published on March 22, 2013.

Boys and girls are in separate locker rooms — where there are open changing areas and open shower facilities &mdash’ for a reason.

Federal education authorities, staking out their firmest position yet on an increasingly contentious issue, found Monday that an Illinois school district violated anti-discrimination laws when it did not allow a transgender student who identifies as a girl and participates on a girls’ sports team to change and shower in the girls’ locker room without restrictions.

Under federal law, federally funded institutions can lose some or all of their Title IX funding should they fail to comply with the law’s provisions, and the Office of Civil Rights found that the high school in question had discriminated against the student under that law.

If the school remains out of compliance, it stands to lose Title IX funding (under a 1972 federal law adopted more than 30 years before President Obama was sworn into office).

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