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And how they’ll adapt to different user behaviors in western markets, where users interact frequently enough with their banks that they can justify a native app experience.Meet Lego’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot Ralph, a Helpful Alternative to Bricks and Mortar Ok this is preeeeetty simple--it’s basically a better online form--but that’s nothing to sneeze at!

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The sooner you start that conversation, the sooner you can start improving upon it based on that incredibly powerful conversational data gathered 1:1, at scale.For the former, you can address them via the conversation interface or access them in the apps personal experience from the app bar flyout.With Microsoft Teams apps, you can make the bot the star of your experience, or just a helper.You can make a notification-only bot, which can push information relevant to your users directly to them in a channel or direct message.You can even bring your existing Bot Framework–based bot and add Teams-specific support to make your experience shine.If you give a command that doesn’t fit into one of the 35 actions then Ashley will tell you, “I don’t want to!

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