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The pans yielded about two hundred beautiful pomegranate-red garnets. I waited another half-hour for the last of the melted dew to roll off the side of the tent.

It was right at the point where I was getting the last of the warmest direct heat; The sky was a light gold.The old jail building made for some cool photos; I walked through town, past all seven colourful buildings, and continued into the park. I passed a pair of crows gnawing on a red skeleton only meters off the road.The scene seemed appropriate for the flat nothing that was south park.I stopped at the beginning of the ascent that was Wilkerson Pass for a photo. The real trouble began when I was faced with the decision of which rock-spot to start at when I reached the little town of Lake George-You know your close when you pass the Lake George Bible School on hwy 24- thats about the time when I decided to continue past the campground and strait on to my Amazonite prospect.Ive heard many stories from the locals about the great stones that are to be collected on the pass- giant green tourmaline's, long smokey quartz points and cubic iron crystals. I passed through town- it was just about dinner time and the Pizza joint was packed.The sun caught up to me as I passed through a small aspen grove- it sprayed the golds and oranges and reds all over. I stripped my feet of boots and so many socks, and I changed into a pair of jeans from my warm, cushy fleece.

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