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They say the circle discussions are serious and pointed, but often informal. In his five years with the Micah Mission, he says he’s only known one man to reoffend.The program works because it holds the men accountable and helps them manage their triggers long after they have committed an offence, Feick says, adding some pedophiles he works with don’t want to reoffend because it would let their circle down.“We’re not here to let them make excuses or justify anything they’ve done; we recognize that there are some terrible things that they’ve done,” he says.“But there’s still hope for all of them.” PEDOPHILIA AND OFFENDINGNot all pedophiles offend, but researchers don’t know much about them because they don’t usually show up in clinics or the criminal justice system, says Dr.Instead, Nolin says he believes pedophiles need to acknowledge that their brains are “hardwired” for these urges, and professionals need to ask “What can we do to prevent you from acting on them? ” IN-CUSTODY PROGRAMSThere is no Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) program geared specifically toward child porn or child sex offenders, a CSC spokesperson confirmed.Child sex offenders serving time are eligible for general sex offender treatment programs, but in Saskatchewan, those are only available at federal institutions — the Saskatchewan Penitentiary and the Regional Psychiatric Centre.Even though a recent National Post story reported that an Ottawa clinic claims to cure pedophiles, Seto says it’s difficult to know if people with that affliction can ever stop being sexually attracted to children.

The circles gather once a week, sometimes in a coffee shop, church or the Micah Mission’s humble, sparsely-decorated meeting room, where, on a sunny day in July, Feick chatted with Co SA volunteer Randy Klassen. The support group is 75 per cent to 80 per cent effective at keeping members from reoffending, according to Feick.

Feick says 17 of the 23 men they work with are either child porn users or direct child sex offenders.

Each support circle is comprised of volunteers, and some may have once been at the centre of the circle themselves.

We need to ask that, but it’s a big ask,” he says, adding the exclusive form of pedophilia is less common than the non-exclusive form.

His current treatment approach uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) — teaching pedophiles more effective ways of coping with their thoughts and feelings.“(They’re) going to have those thoughts and feelings, that’s understandable given that (they) have that attraction, but let’s not let it snowball into ruminating about it, trying to set up situations where you might offend,” Seto says.

That means a child sex or child porn offender must receive a federal sentence to have a chance at getting in-custody sex offender treatment.

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