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No matter how hard you try not to, catching feelings is the most common thing to happen in a no-strings situation.

Usually, when people aren't looking for a commitment, chances are, they end up in a hookup situation with someone they'd actually date.

Jealousy could present itself in several different ways in a no strings attached relationship.

If there are feelings involved, you could become jealous because it's an open relationship, but you don't want your partner seeing other people.

Right off the bat, we were thrilled with No Strings Because it actually knows how to bring the ladies in! A site that can actually be about sex, but doesn’t have flashing boobies all around!

It immediately caters to them with a warm, intimate atmosphere. That’s a huge part of why this site really set some high expectations. The more that we dug through this site, the more we realized that it really was going to end up giving us the results that we were looking for overall.

That’s because it just kept on being well-designed.

Unfortunately, these arrangements can get just as messy as any dating scenario or long-term relationship.

But even if you're not in love and you're happy with your no-strings situation, you could still become jealous of your partner's other love interests, especially if it's evident your partner prefers to dedicate their time elsewhere.

Some things aren't made to last forever, and these non-committal relationships are usually one of those things.

And as cold as no strings attached relationships may seem, having a sexual connection with someone is as intimate as it gets.

You may find yourself falling for this person or vice versa, which could complicate everything.

This was above and beyond what we wanted, and we were really happy to see this.

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