Shirtless pics online dating dating sites for military veterans


I need to set up some situations I can use for inspiration.

), putting stuff in girls’ drinks, watching Jersey Shore, working on audition tape for Jersey Shore.” Computer should know that about me already… You want me to meet a “nice girl and settle down”, but you won’t take a picture of me with my shirt off while I’m giving a thumbs up or maybe even a Shocker? I’ve got to meet a girl, and it’s not gonna be fucking skanky Sharon.

on the other hand, if you're just looking for pussy from some horny skank and you've got a solid body, why not.

if you're looking for a long term girl, maybe you don't want her first impression of you to be "vain, arrogant, showoff" etc. I did brief analysis and I've gotten about 3x as many views with a shirtless profile picture.

I'm not a fan of people who put up pictures with the intention of showing off their bodies in an attention-seeking way. I've never really THOUGHT about this with regard to responding to a guy based on whether or not he has a bathroom shirtless picture, but I never have actually contacted one of those guys or responded to them. I think it betrays weakness and insecurity, frankly. He did used shirtless pics on, and was getting emails left and right from women.

So it's not really necessary to post a semi-nude picture... I read an article on OKCupid dating site that talked about this very topic.

…Aight, went through both the Shirtless (Candid) and Shirtless (Posed) folders on my computer and none of those shits will work. ” Or maybe “I’m taking a picture of myself in the mirror for my new passport photo, and then what the fuck, my shirt just disintegrated!

Like, “oh man I just spilled a bunch of Red Bull on my favorite Ed Hardy shirt so now I got to dry off in the bathroom and then BAM someone runs in and takes a picture! I need my privacy, even if I do have rockin abs and an impressively small amount of body hair!

Even if the guy is in amazing shape, is it an actual TURNOFF for girls to see those pics on GAG or FB?

Like even if he had a six pack would you think its a douche move to post the self shirtless pics?

If you are over there flexing with this shirtless pic it implies you are vain.

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