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Especially useful if you have many seeding torrents that are not connected to any leecher.Finally, the widget now contains buttons for pausing or resuming all torrents on the server and can optionally show the server status statistics, that is, the number of and speed of your active uploads and download. Moreover, Deluge has not support for labels (viewing and setting) and u Torrent and Deluge can force data recheck.The UI has seen many little fixes like selection improvements, search input box that properly hides and much more.Remember the option to treat non-trasferring torrents as inactive in Transdroid 1?This is back: enable the ‘Treat dormant torrents as inactive’ option in System settings and every torrent that has no data transfer (0KB/s) going on will be listed as inactive.10) Now you will notice that your torrents will begin downloading.If you're ready to submit your show to Apple Podcasts or another directory, or if you need to update your RSS feed URL in a directory, you can find your show's RSS feed by going into the Sharing view in your Simplecast dashboard.

With the launch of Subscriptions, you can now request that specific content be sent to you automatically. Click the button next to Subscriptions in your Sidebar, and select the "Create New Subscription" button at the bottom.

I’ve fixed this for the next release, hopefully out at the end of this week!

Big update today to Transdroid and its little Play Store-cousin Transdrone.

2017-10-20 DEBUG manager Figuring out config load paths 2017-10-20 DEBUG manager Found config: 2017-10-20 DEBUG manager Config file selected 2017-10-20 DEBUG manager sys.defaultencoding: ascii 2017-10-20 DEBUG manager sys.getfilesystemencoding: UTF-8 2017-10-20 DEBUG manager flexget detected io encoding: utf-8 2017-10-20 DEBUG manager supports_unicode_filenames: False There is a Flex Get process already running for this config, sending execution there.

UDATE: Transdroid does not support r Torrent with Digest authentication in this 2.1.0 release.

4) After you download your “Plugin Egg” you need to go back to your “Deluge web-ui” and add it to install path.

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