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Tooley said she was face down and couldn't see who was hitting her.

The Lexington Herald Leader reported that the accused teenager denied the allegations: COLUMBIA — The 18-year-old farm worker charged with assaulting Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer claims he never touched the high-profile Marine veteran and puts the blame on an unidentified young woman.Dakota Meyer also proudly posted the "FUC_ YOU" photo on his own facebook. CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE: I really, really hoped that there would not be a reason to publish another post about the Palins anytime soon, but this new development was of course too important to give it a pass.We wish Bristol and Dakota all the best, and lots of luck! – Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is recovering after allegedly being attacked by a teenager over the weekend in Kentucky, but details of the fight and what provoked it remain unclear."This is definitely not what happened," Meyer said.Meyer said the attack was the first time he'd feared for his life since returning from Afghanistan, where his actions in a deadly firefight earned him the Medal of Honor, and that it was unfortunate the incident happened in his hometown. In any case, we still do not know what actually happened, who hit who, so to speak, and who is to blame.It's possible someone trying to hit Meyer hit her, she said.

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