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This paper frames indirect inference bias correction as a stochastic root-finding problem and proposes a computationally efficient method to solve it.

The technique is applied to the many/weak instrument bias in two-stage least squares estimation.

Two years ago, FOCUS decided to add a conference on the off year of FOCUS. Year after year, the same people keep learning more information. What would happen if we CHANGED THE MODEL in our parishes? I didn’t expect this new development, this invitation to shift gears. Yet even with Christ Life, we got to the end of 21 weeks of training (very much build/win/send) and we just enjoyed the new friendships in our community.

They called it the Student Leadership Summit; I went to SLS18. They invited me to think about teaching teachers to teach others about Jesus, to intentionally build disciples that will knowingly turn and build into other disciples. He made the comment that we, the parish community, are pretty much already evangelized. The difference here is the INTENTION of reaching others in a more authentic, personal way.

The different parts of the daguerreotype each provide date clues.

So it is important you understand the different pieces.

When my daughter told me she wanted to become a missionary, I was excited. Because I know that we only truly learn when we teach. I wrote more about her story in this post: Rachel Doerneman is a FOCUS Missionary! Three transformed people, each building into three people with intention and purpose will create nine strong leaders, ready to go out and build into three more. It’s called Spiritual Multiplication and it spectacular.

The image, case, or brass holder can be damaged easily.As a benefactor, I knew this would be a great conference but I didn’t expect to learn so many skills. I am taking real SKILLS back to my parish community. If something was stirred within your soul, I invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a benefactor of FOCUS. The Daguerreotype in America Once the daguerreotype process was published in Paris in 1839, it spread rapidly to America.As two or three students respond, they build more intentionally into those students, deepening their understanding of and relationship with Jesus.Then they send THOSE students out to befriend other students with the intent to bring them to Christ. Since that worked for the Master, that is the model that FOCUS uses.Beginning about 1847, a brass frame called a 'preserver' wrapped around the taped assembly.

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