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And while our particular focus is on crowdfunded games, and helping to inform readers about them in a positive manner, we’re also concerned with promoting acceptance of any groups that catch flak in the gaming world.A space flight simulation game is a genre of flight simulator video games that lets players experience space flight.The procedural generation is based on real scientific knowledge, so Space Engine depicts the universe the way it is thought to be by modern science.

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Last week we posted an announcement for a new game on Kickstarter called Dark Skyes, a dating sim that takes place in the world of My Little Pony (MLP from this point on).Examples of true simulators which aim at piloting a space craft in a manner that conforms with the laws of nature include Orbiter, Kerbal Space Program and Microsoft Space Simulator.Space flight games and simulators, at one time popular, had for most of the new millennium been considered a "dead" genre.Play Please see the above video for a little word on the legitimacy of this project! We definitely don't have time to play public relations and...Dear Dark Skyes supporters and fans: Our credibility and the future of our game itself are currently under attack by members of the forum known as Something Awful.Click on any visible object with the mouse and hit the ' G' key to fly directly to it.

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