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Level Crossings Latest Jellicoe Express Plaques Rail Freight Prospects and Benefits Freight Modal Shift Thrumster Station Honours Tourist Train Concept 1959 ast week's punctuality figures were the best since our records began.Although the PPM figure, which is percentage arrivals within five minutes, was down slightly, it was still 94%; actual on-time or early figures were 93% northbound and 87.5% southbound.

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The team was to look at, and work out necessary action to remedy, the causes of existing problems along with developing plans to improve the service and the railway itself in the future.Bearing in mind that our first recorded figures, for the week beginning , were PPM: 46.9%, northbound and southbound on time arrivals: 18% it is clear that huge improvements have been made.Last Friday two Fo FNL representatives, Mike Lunan and Ian Budd, attended the FNL Review Team meeting.The book is fully illustrated on glossy art paper and may be purchased at good bookshops for £16.00 or from the Society for £18.50 by post.It is available to members for £10.00 (or £12.50 by post).Key points were: Some of these improvements will make the present timings more realistic, thereby improving punctuality, and some will result in reduced journey times.

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