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Strict enforcement of laws against dangerous driving has seen the number of fatal accidents fall 25 percent since 2000.However, the number of cyclists killed on the road rose by almost 20 percent.

Today’s competitive market means it’s quite cheap to rent a car for a couple of days or even a month.

You will have to pay road tax, either quarterly or annually (it’s your choice), and petrol is expensive.

Parking is costly too, though you can buy a parking permit () for your municipality. For up to date tariffs for Amsterdam (as of 1 January 2009), visit this link.

Car dealers do provide private leasing contracts but they are very rarely called upon to do so and don’t advise people to take out a lease personally as it isn’t cost effective.

Company car In Amsterdam, businesses usually have company cars, and the car is registered to the company unless it is specifically registered to one person within the company.

If you’d like to test drive a car you should call in advance to talk to the dealer personally before you visit. All cars from a BOVAG-affiliated dealer will come with a dealer’s guarantee. Vehicle finance There are a couple of options available to help you secure the funds to purchase your car.

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