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"And one thing led to another."The following day, Rossiter was lounging around her apartment alone in her comfy sweatpants, starry-eyed about her new guy.

When Evans called her on the phone, she quickly snatched it up, smiling.

Someone new had taken over the Muscatine, Iowa, practice where Rossiter was a patient—someone new, cute and single.

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When Rossiter discussed her infections with Evans and suggested that he should get checked too, he seemed unconcerned. "I have always been a strong girl, and I've never taken crap from anyone.

Adding to the strain on their relationship, Evans was the father of a newborn and was still in close contact with Sasha.

"In hindsight, my relationship was so obviously awful, but it was hard to see," she says.

They went sailing on Evans' boat and dined out at a local Mexican restaurant. It felt like the real thing."Then one day, while on the phone with Evans, Rossiter opened a letter that would change her life.

Due to a logistical mix-up, her HPV results had taken nearly three months to arrive. "When your boyfriend says something like that, wild things go through your head. " Trembling, she says she made three guesses: "You have AIDS; you're gay; you got someone pregnant."Evans paused.

She'd been accepted to law school in the fall, and could almost taste a happier future. Once Rossiter was 1,500 miles away from Evans and attending Arizona State University law school, the implications of their relationship finally started to hit home.

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