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Volvo remains Sweden’s favourite car, making up three of the top six models among newly registered passenger cars in 2012.

Saab, the other brand that once accounted for similarly large percentage of car sales, has disappeared from the list altogether, having collapsed despite frantic efforts to save it in 2011.

There are no special offers, no promotions, and limited opening hours. According to a report by a panel of international experts, if the monopoly was abolished and booze was sold in supermarkets, the estimated annual toll in Sweden would be 1,580 extra deaths, 14,200 more assaults, and 16.1 million extra days of sick leave – a 40 per cent increase. For the record, Swedes rank forty-second in the world when it comes to pure alcohol consumption per adult.But his employees won’t speak up because in their company culture pointing out mistakes is taboo.In Sweden, the open-door policy usually isn’t needed because managers share an open-plan office with their employees.This kind of depends where you are, because after all Sweden is a long country.But yes, the winters are too long even right down here at the southern tip.In 2012, 88 per cent of all aluminium cans and PET bottles in Sweden were included in the recycling system – not far off the 90 per cent target set by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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