Talk to dwayne the rock johnson in webcam


Despite squeezing in a call during his only 45 minutes of free time, in transit, nonetheless, Johnson’s enthusiasm and focus is magnetic.

Not to mention, he’s churning out television and film projects by way of his Seven Bucks Productions and Seven Bucks Digital Studios, has a partnership with Under Armour, is the face of Siri and even made time to launch an ad agency this year. 1 actor on all platforms this year, could qualify as another full-time job.

His personal greeting to this reporter is perfectly in line with how he interacts with his 175 million followers on social media every day, and is evident of The Rock’s unique knack to form a genuine connection with everyone from fan to studio executive.

His commitment to a simple phone interview is exemplary of how he attaches himself to each and every project — and there are a lot of them.

“It starts with what’s in my gut, and what’s in my gut is to entertain as many people as I can possibly entertain,” Johnson explains of choosing his roles.

“Generally, they all have this global appeal — they’re not all home runs,” he says.

Thinking about being cemented on Hollywood Boulevard, he admits his teenage self would have said, “No f—king way.” Johnson’s zero-to-hero trajectory didn’t just happen by chance.

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