Taylor swift dating 3 guys christian dating in malawi

They are fair game for gossip, innuendo and general internet discussion.

The same holds true for whatever "closeted celebs" you have devoted yourselves to discussing.

I guess we are the only ones who realize Harry is gay. Maybe at 42 I'm too old to appreciate it, but I remember being 18 very well, so I can see Harry being attractive to another young guy. But, still, hooking up with Taylor Swift is akin to donning a giant rainbow flag. It is obvious the park stroll and hotel pictures were ready-to-go camera ops though.

The powers that be must have figured the Selen and Justin thing might be getting ready to explode and the Robsten Twilight is finally over or definitely in it's deaththroes. Harry can disappear for days on end with discretion (so can Taylor) even around other big stars so it's no real stretch to assume he could visit Taylor Swift more discreetly than making it look like a sex call at the front door twice in a row.

Seriously, I do wonder if Taylor Swift girl is gay? Literally, about 3 people bought it and their PR brought it to an abrupt end because people were just laughing. But then she bounces back to seemingly pick up (or that's how it's being played out) yet another strongly-rumoured fruity type. Many of those named had had gay rumours or were the type to be aspiring or looking for a career boost: Chace Crawford, Zac Efron, Lautner, Jake G, John Mayer (remember the 'kiss' with Perez that got buried? Taylor possibly being gay herself was something that came to me over time, just watching the way her life gets played out.I'm glad most of the regular posters are still wanting to conntinue but upsetting we'll probably lose NW3 for good and other potential insiders if we migrate You'll find everyone LG, I may have been highly annoyed by some of your posts in the passed, but you have definitely given the threads something to talk, even if most of us thought it illogical at times! That might make it more accessible to those who don't want to admit who they are. If you post anything potentially libellous the thread would get locked.DS is easy to join, just a waiting period for verification. That's why their blind items thread is mostly in code. Just a suggestion, but could we set up the other forum (so it's ready as a backup) but try and stay on here until we are forced off? Many of us post elsewhere in DL I assume we have outstayed our welcome - honestly thought we might be in the right place as we mostly discuss UK and US media interpretation of rumoured closet dwellers in the mainstream. Looking at the General 1D thread which was closed (because we barely posted there before it was so it's somewhat quicker) only one of the previous queried subjects was mentioned by name, so it seems likely to be that one, although I suggest we avoid both to be sure.R132 - Yes, that's why we are a little puzzled as why three threads have been closed on the subject today.If you have any ideas upon why they would be welcome As to the cloak and dagger stuff, it is more general confusion than anything else!Anything that gets her out of the music industry is good...shes a nasty anti-vigin.

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