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It is considered to be an unexplained engineering achievement and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.Hawaiian legend states that the pond was built in one night by the Menehune, who formed an assembly line from the fishpond location to Makaweli, passing stones one-by-one from start to end point.One of the largest of these ceremonial sites measures 18.6 meters by 8.2 meters.Eleven upright stones, of what are believed to be the original 19, are still standing.They fled to the mountains and later came to be called ‘Menehune’.Proponents of this theory point to an 1820 census which listed 65 people as Menehune.

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So let’s examine some of the ancient constructions that have been attributed to the Menehune in the mythology of the region.

Alekoko Fishpond Wall at Niumalu, Kauaʻi The Alekoko Fishpond, sometimes called the Menhune Fishpond, is one of the finest examples of ancient Hawaiian aquaculture.

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