The candidating process for a pastor


I would argue, more simply, ours isn’t a Christian nation because we don’t follow Jesus.

Jim is a member of our church who recently married Mariah Mc Kay, a lifelong UUCS member.

For more than two millennia, ever since Plato’s allegory of the cave, Western culture has gravitated toward the light, treating everything inside the cave as illusion, delusional, and grotesque. What beauty remains to be discovered by groping in the dark?

What we have come to denounce as grotesque and absurd may well contain riches and meaning beyond measure, should we only dare to look. Or in jokes that don’t make light of serious issues?

These are some of the questions and possibilities to consider in becoming Homo Ethicus.

Jim Dawson is the campaign director at the non-profit Fuse Washington.

Emerson called consistency “the hobgoblin of little minds.” In some ways he’s probably right, but, according to developmental psychology, inconsistency is more the indicator of “little minds.” As we mature, it suggests, our beliefs should come to maintain a certain and logic and not contradict each other.

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