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As the 40th anniversary of the boy's death approaches, academics and advocates are meeting this week to share how it changed Toronto — a ripple effect that touched sex workers, the LGBT community and the landscape of Yonge Street itself.

A familiar face at Yonge and Dundas streets, Emanuel was often seen there shining the shoes of passersby with his brother Luciano.

Those in the LGBT community reported a swift backlash immediately following the murder, one that some academics say culminated in the bathhouse raids of 1981 in Toronto, for which the police chief apologized last year.

Hundreds of men were arrested at the time, sparking the community to organize. 3, 1977, that he worried the coverage might affect the movement; the Ontario Human Rights Commission had recently recommended including sexual orientation in human rights and discrimination legislation.

Emanuel's body was found on the roof of 245 Yonge St. 1, 1977, one of roughly 40 massage parlours running between Bloor and Richmond streets at the time.

1, 1977, after the body of Emanuel Jaques was found on the roof of the building.

"We were targeted for harassment, we were targeted for violence.

I think because the murder was so horrific and people were so angry, there was so much blame to go around that it spilled over to us," said Scott, who is now the legal co-ordinator for Sex Professionals of Canada.

Within two weeks of the slaying, at least five parlours in a one-block radius were closed, according to the Toronto Star at the time.

(Jeff Goode/Toronto Star/Getty Images) More than 200 inspections were performed in the month following Emanuel's death, according to the historian's records.

Monday was not the first time people have spoken out about Brown’s sentence.

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