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02/20/2018 Commission did not err in denying appellants requested treatment as it was not causally related to his original compensable injury, in denying appellants request for a change in treating physician, and in refusing to award appellant attorneys fees and deposition costs 1749174 Elnora Moses v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 02/06/2018 No reversible error in trial courts decision allowing the Commonwealth to introduce evidence of appellants nickname of Grim Reaper during trial where verdict of jury on conviction of distribution of heroin would have been the same, given the overwhelming evidence of appellants guilt 1813161 Brandon Dominic Winder v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 12/05/2017 Appellants assertion that officer coerced him into removing straw from his watch pocket during stop barred by Rule 5A:18; trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress 2044162 Stacey A. Norfolk Department of Human Services 11/21/2017 Appellants failure to assign error to the trial courts decision to terminate her parental rights and her failure to comply with Rule 5A:20(e) prevents this Court from addressing the termination of appellants parental rights to her children; even if appellant had correctly assigned error and her brief had been adequate, termination was in childrens best interest 0268171 Jahlmaar Keith Overton v. Commonwealth of Virginia 11/21/2017 Trial judge did not abuse his discretion in denying appellants motion for recusal or in finding evidence was sufficient to prove appellant intentionally, rather than accidentally, filmed the victims without their consent 0311162 Thomas Bartholomew Simpson v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 11/21/2017 Trial court erred in imposing a period of three years of good behavior for appellants conviction for use of a firearm in the commission of a felony where no suspended term of post-release supervision was imposed and that provision exceeded the punishment authorized by Code 18.2-53.1 0309172 Shelby Mc Curnin, Jr., s/k/a Shelby F. Commonwealth of Virginia 11/21/2017 No reversible error in trial courts decision to admit a portion of a 911 recording in which a childs statement is audible in the background or to admit screenshots of text messages received by the victim 1982162 Levert Alexander Cosby v. Bristol City Department of Social Services 11/14/2017 Trial court erred in finding appellants lacked standing to file petitions for custody, a petition for adoption, and a petition for an injunction 0406174 Reginald Conrad Collard v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 11/21/2017 Trial court erred in granting Commonwealths motion in limine and sustaining the Commonwealths objection to the witness testimony regarding the time appellant appeared at the courtroom on the day of his trial; conviction of felony fail to appear reversed and remanded 0065173 Lisa J. Patricia Ann Collins 11/14/2017 Trial court abused its discretion in awarding spousal support to appellee based on the pendente lite award and no evidence proved appellants income or ability to pay spousal support 0710161 Charles Mc Kinley Washington v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 11/14/2017 Revocation of appellants suspended sentence affirmed where appellant received his due process rights to notice and a hearing in the circuit court revocation proceeding regarding his termination from the drug treatment court program; argument appellant may have been able to assert to an entitlement to more process in the circuit court barred by Rule 5A:18 0859173 Zorija Castillo v.

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