Updating bios from flash drive

Download the latest BIOS update file from the Asus website. When this is complete, the screen will show details on the current BIOS in the upper left.

On the lower half of the screen, to the left, you use the arrow keys to select the drive letter of the CD-ROM or USB flash drive, and then press the "Tab" key to switch to the right pane and select the BIOS update file.

updating bios from flash drive-64updating bios from flash drive-86

Though this process has been successfully tested on many versions of files found on IBMs website, that doesn't mean it will work for all of them. Consult the testing tables farther down of this page to see other users' experience with your model Thinkpad. UPDTROM is the actual flash tool, but you can't simply run it just like that. Perhaps not all these lines are necessary, but to be sure I ran them all, and this worked for me. This could probably be done from the harddisk as well, but I did not test that.Booting from a Floppy is not recommended, so there are two best options to boot: CD drive or USB Flash drive. This can be done with the following The command adds the byte offset of the matching line plus the index for the start of the MSCF on that line, thus the byte offset of MSCF, this number is usually 4196 Now we need to cut these header bytes off, this is done by a standard dd cut, the following cuts away the first 4196 bytes. This method won't work for the Thinkpad 560X (and likely other older models).Sparse instructions below provide you guidance how to do different parts of this pazzle but it's your duty to understand what to do and how to do that. A second alternative is to use Windows XP (works in Virtual Box too) together with Virtual Floppy Drive. Since the 560X is a bit older, it won't be a big surprise if the battery is as dead as a dodo. Boot the system with the W98 bootdisk, do not load CD-rom support.Updating the BIOS in Linux (with few exceptions) is not officially supported by Lenovo. By following any of the instructions here you are accepting the very real risk of turning your Think Pad into a big expensive paper weight, as a firmware update gone wrong can create unfix-able problems. A user on Notebook Review named 'Middleton' made these alternative BIOSes to enable SATA2 on certain Thinkpad models (X61/T61/R61/X300). "geteltorito" is available in Ubuntu (at least in Trusty, 14.04) from package "genisoimage".These Think Pads are limited to SATA1 in their BIOS even though the hardware is SATA2. So, even though Lenovo is now offering "Linux diskette" updaters, that will create a bootable floppy under Linux, using a floppy is still not recommended.When the check is complete, it will ask if you wish to go ahead with the update.

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