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This can be desirable for obvious reasons, particularly if you’re charging someone elses device but don’t want the i Tunes interference.If you only have a single i OS device connected to i Tunes, either through wi-fi sync or with a USB cable, simply select the device in the i Tunes toolbar then click the eject button as shown in the screenshot: You can also eject an i OS device directly from the device toolbar item without actually selecting the device itself, this can be helpful if you have multiple devices connected or synced to the computer with i Tunes: Mac users can use a really easy i Tunes Dock trick to eject connected i OS devices: Finally, you can also just quit out of i Tunes and then disconnect the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch from a USB cable, but if the device has wi-fi syncing enabled (and it likely should because it’s convenient) then it won’t ‘eject’ completely this way, and obviously it wouldn’t receive battery charging if it was disconnected from the USB cable.Please do not disconnect your device." message at the top. To best understand what makes the i Pod's world turn, you must be familiar with how it and i Tunes work together to move music (and pictures, in the case of color i Pods) on and off your i Pod.Symptom: I have both the first and the sixth generation i Pod nano that is, madly, frozen!So I follow the i Pod manual from Apple website and plugged my i Pod into computer to let it charge, and now it's stuck on the screen that says: 'Do not disconnect' with the red crossed out circle above it.

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If the podcasts are organized in playlists, drag the custom playlists from the Playlists section to your i Pod in the Devices section.Kefa Olang has been writing articles online since April 2009.He has been published in the "Celebration of Young Poets" and has an associate degree in communication and media arts from Dutchess Community College, and a bachelor's degree in broadcasting and mass communication from the State University of New York, Oswego.Many users connect their i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod to a computer for syncing with i Tunes.When syncing and i Tunes usage is finished, users may or may not want to eject the i OS device, depending on their intended usage.Make sure the computer is turned on and isn't set to go to sleep.

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